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Wellness is the outcome of holistic health, a positive balance in all areas that make up our “whole person health”.  This is our physical, emotional, electrical, and spiritual selves.  Each of us is unique and this is reflected in how we engage with people and our environment.

So, how is your “whole self” health?

If you have a health or emotional issue that doesn’t resolve this is a good indication that some aspects of it have not been addressed and cleared: this might present as pain or something functional in the body not working properly such as balance or digestion or hormones for example.

Kinesiology lets the body do the talking.  Clearing all stress related to an issue and making corrections to get the body working normally again can be all that’s needed to restore resilient lasting wellness.  Telephone consultations are free of charge and can help clarify if this Kinesiology is for you.

Latest Training and New Protocols in Female Health

In November 2022 I completed the latest Female Health international training course.  This featured new highly effective protocols and techniques for the following…

  • Prolapse of pelvic organs, musculature and tissues and the many physiological consequences including bladder weakness, urgency, urinary / faecal leakage (many more)
  • Hormone balancing at all life stages: cyclical, perimenopause and menopause and associated emotional and physiological issues that can arise with hormone imbalance: fertility, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, weight gain, poor sleep, altered bone density and more …
  • Vaginal and gut microbial balance and related functional and structural health

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