The effects our emotional state have on our immune system

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Many people don’t appreciate how much our emotional state affects our immune system.  For many years now studies have demonstrated that feeling loved, connected, hopeful, having a purpose, making a contribution and having positive foundational routines (such as eating together at a table and conversing, or laughing together) can be hugely beneficial to our health.  This has been measured in terms of our immune system, cardiovascular health and levels of stress hormones and found that these things can positively affect our immune system despite the absence of a “healthy diet” and exercise (not that I’m suggesting you ignore those!).  So, if you’re suffering from emotions associated with chronic stress such as fear, despair and hopelessness know that making some achievable daily changes to have a purpose and engage in “feel good” endeavours, will optimise your immune system and quality of life and health.  Recommended reading for further information in this area “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” by John Diamond. 

On that note many of us are watching more TV than we usually do and this is an opportunity to expand our knowledge and escape to other places, if only virtually.  Paul Stamets is an American mycologist.  He is an author and advocate of medicinal fungi and mycoremediation.  If you want to understand more about our amazing planet and ecology and feel more optimistic about positive ways forward to help our species without destroying the planet then this is for you, click on the link.

Brian Cox is also running educational classes on the Solar System as part of the BBC home education package bitesize, delivering new knowledge about the solar system.

Specific minerals and vitamins are being recommended in the media for helping to strengthen the immune system.  My personal recommendation is a multivitamin that contains vitamin D, C and zinc (combination vitamins and minerals) from a reputable company such as Biocare, see the link on my website and use the code for discount.  The quality of supplements is crucial. 

Be well, be happy and be informed.

Jan-Marie Bisiker

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