Are You Healthily Stimulated by Stress or Conditioned to Distress and Depletion?

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Stress is a word very frequently used in all sorts of contexts.  What it means varies greatly from one person to the next.  There’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress, we’ve all heard that right?  We’ve all heard of “distress” too and realise there’s a considerable difference between stress and distress: stress as a stimulus isn’t in itself harmful, distress however particularly when it is protracted, depletes us on all levels, leaving us vulnerable to illness of all kinds, exhausted, miserable, anxious or depressed.

However, in this huge and quite personal subject, there is I believe a definite bottom line.  Below are a few questions.  Most people who enjoy good health will answer yes to them and there is scientific evidence to support that they are key indicators in health, wellbeing and happiness.  All too often we become conditioned to our daily reality; something being commonplace or “normal” doesn’t make it positive or healthy, it also doesn’t mean it can’t be changed for the better.

Bottom line questions to ask yourself…

  • Do you feel happy or content most of the time?
  • Do you generally sleep well and wake rested and refreshed?
  • Do you eat (mostly non-processed) foods at regular intervals and drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily?
  • Do you go outside daily for at least a 20 minute walk, even after dark and get away from all tech? (phone off!)
  • Do you feel your life has purpose?
  • Does your life have variety? – people you talk to, places you go, things you do that are sedentary and things that actively engage and challenge your body and mind in a completely different way?
  • Have you tried anything new in the last month?  A food or recipe, an activity, learned a new skill or made a change to your usual routine?

If you’ve answered no more often than yes to these questions then read on!

Top Tips and Recommended Reading

  • Get Professional help and support if you need it.  I am happy to have a discussion with anyone considering my services, get in touch
  • Pilates is strongly recommended for physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  It is safe and suitable for most people from beginners to advanced.  Jane Thomas is an experienced Pilates teacher offering a free taster session and membership to almost unlimited zoom classes from £10.00 per month.   Check out her website and get in touch
  • Do not sleep with your tech.  Have your mobile, laptop and all devices out of the room you sleep in.  If your mobile is your alarm clock then have it at least 3 feet away from you.  We have an electromagnetic field of our own (all living things do) it’s part of our immune system and protection, electromagnetic devices compromise it.  Do the same for your children
  • Get sugar out of your daily life; save it for occasional consumption.  Excessive/ daily sugar intake makes a great demand on the pancreas to produce insulin and over time this reduces our sensitivity to it.  This is a major contribution to type 2 diabetes.  In the shorter-term sugar behaves like a chemical in the body disrupting hormones, destabilising blood sugar and weakening the immune system (and much more)
  • Read “The Gift” 12 lessons to save your life by Edith Eger, holocaust survivor, counsellor and author. 
  • Keep reflecting.  Consider your happiness and health and keep optimising them because they are intrinsically linked

Jan-Marie Bisiker, Practitioner Kinesiologist, RGN, RSCN

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