Are You and Your Immune System Winterproof?

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Seasonal illnesses are nothing new; potentially harmful pathogens are around us all of the time and require opportunity to strike and be able to get the better of us causing significant illness or worse.

The deal breaker here is your immune system.

So how do you know how healthy and resilient your immune system is?

Positive indicators in the absence of testing include the following…

  • Rarely being unwell, often when those around us are coughing / sneezing / vomiting or having diarrhoea from whatever seems to be going around at home or work.
  • Having a trouble-free digestive system; bloating, excess wind, indigestion, allergies, constipation / diarrhoea are not normal, and should be considered an indication of digestive / immune dysfunction.  Most of our adaptive immune system is in our gut.
  • Sleeping well, having good energy levels and being able to concentrate for a reasonable amount of time.  Hormonal issues impact on our immune system, if this is you perhaps now is a good time to address the situation.
  • For most of us it means feeling well and being able to live as we choose without having to think twice about whether we are well enough to do that.  Certain medications and particular medical conditions compromise our immune system, as does dehydration, stress (physiological, emotional, psychological), smoking, excessive alcohol intake, nutritional deficiencies and our age.

Anyone’s immune system can be improved and optimised at any given time and doing so also optimises our overall health.  Regardless of whether winter bugs, Covid-19, seasonal influenza or something else is your main concern we all need our immune system to be healthy resilient and strong.  Get in touch to book an appointment or to find out more.

Jan-Marie Bisiker


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