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My name is Jan-Marie Bisiker and I am a fully qualified Classical Kinesiologist based in Desford, Leicestershire.

I am a former Registered General Nurse and Registered Sick Children’s Nurse (RGN, RSCN). I have had many years experience in different specialities of Nursing and in Health Promotion Management before becoming a Private Practitioner ten years ago.

Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.

— Nan Lu


How kinesiology works

The balance of energy in the body can be monitored very accurately by muscle testing which is carried out with the patient lying fully clothed on the treatment couch. When we have a health issue and have developed signs and symptoms that reflect this, the whole interrelated system that is our body is affected, including our energy. By gently testing muscles in relation to a specific issue, the energy imbalance is found and restored, and the issue is resolved.


Effective & progressive treatments

We are all unique, and although people often have very similar symptoms or health complaints, the path that optimally restores energy balance and health will vary from person to person. Muscle testing determines what will be effective at a very accurate level, ensuring all interventions are effective and progressive in reinstating health and wellness. Nutritional supplements, homeopathy, flower formulas or dietary change may be recommended as part of your remedy.


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Delivering successful outcomes

Kinesiology does not require a diagnosis for a successful outcome. It is quite common for people to have a health issue or feel unwell and still struggle to find a cause or effective remedy. Even if a diagnosis has been made, Kinesiology is still suitable and safe, regardless of whether it necessitates treatment regimes or prescription medications.





The therapies that I have specialised in and use regularly are highly effective and safe for people of all ages and with various conditions. Often I use a combination of methods to achieve the best outcome for patients and treatments are as individual as my patients themselves. For example, treating a back problem may involve the use of Kinesiology as well as some osteopathic adjustment, modification to diet and custom blended pain relieving remedies.


Infertility, particularly of no known origin (non-specific) is becoming increasingly common and occurs for all manner of reasons, physiological and emotional. Kinesiology can be very successful in finding and resolving the cause and is a non-invasive and comparatively inexpensive option, presently my success rate with infertility is 100%.

Hormone Issues

A healthy hormone system is similar to a complex symphony that is perfectly harmonised: multiple organs and glands working together regulate the function of our body’s cells and systems. Hormonal imbalance can have diverse symptoms and far reaching effects. Triggers include stress, illness, medications, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, menopause and gut issues. Although difficult to remedy without professional help, hormone imbalance responds effectively to a holistic approach bringing rapid relief from symptoms.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues include bloating, wind, indigestion, diarrhoea/constipation, gripey abdominal pain, feeling unwell after eating, nausea or vomiting (and more). Often the balance of healthy bacteria and yeast in the gut has gone awry causing these symptoms but also the movement of food through the gut is impaired. This situation can affect other body systems such as the immune system too. Kinesiology accurately finds and remedies the underlying cause and anything related to it that is adversely affected.

Food Intolerances

Food and environmental intolerances or sensitivities can be due to a misbehaving immune system and this often involves gut/ digestive issues and the hormone system. This kind of issue rarely improves by itself; avoiding foods that are known to be problematic is a short-term fix and ultimately more and more sensitivities develop over time. The immune system requires calming and returning to a balanced state.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are increasing in many populations in the 21st century and have a great deal to do with foods and environmental factors. Kinesiology can help identify causes and remedy some physical issues, emotional patterning and triggers.

Muscular Aches & Pains

Muscular aches and pains can be caused by injury, stress, dietary deficiencies, hormone and gut imbalances, medications, physical and emotional patterning, infection and inflammation. By working with the symptom Kinesiology finds and remedies the causes, however numerous or specific they may be.

Thrush & Cystitis

Thrush is the over growth of yeasts that commonly occur in the gut, mouth and genital tracts. Although a very common complaint it is rarely treated appropriately or thoroughly enough to avoid repeated recurrence. Many issues contribute to this overgrowth. Individualised and specifically targeted anti-fungal treatment is required. Cystitis can persist with or without infection being present and often requires “resetting” the bladder when it has become chronically sensitised.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are considerably limiting conditions that Classical Medicine has little success with. They require a holistic long-term approach. Kinesiology works through symptoms of these conditions resolving issues and gradually restoring normal function to the body’s energetic and structural systems.

Migraines & Headaches

Headaches and migraine can have many causes, dehydration, stress, allergy/intolerance, deficiencies, toxicity, emotional patterning and many more. By working with the symptoms, frequency and duration of these episodes, they can be completely resolved or greatly decreased.

Chronic/Acute Pain

Pain is generated in the body to bring awareness to a problem and limit further damage. The body does not waste energy unnecessarily and so ideally pain should be taken seriously as soon as possible, and not masked with pain killers. In a nutshell, pain signals are asking you to sort out the cause. Kinesiology will identify this even at a very specific level such as particular nerves, body tissues or specific emotions, and what is effective in resolving it thereby relieving you of the message the pain has been sending.

Sinus Issues

Sinus issues can be present with or without infection or any particularly obvious trigger. Often from a Chinese Medicine perspective they are associated with intestinal damp, a gut issue. Kinesiology is very successful at resolving the issues around sinus problems bringing lasting relief from symptoms and the need to use medications.


Wellness is the outcome of holistic health, a positive balance in all areas that make up our “whole person health”.  This is our physical, emotional, electrical, and spiritual selves.  Each of us is unique and this is reflected in how we engage with people and our environment.

So, how is your “whole self” health?

If you have a health or emotional issue that doesn’t resolve this is a good indication that some aspects of it have not been addressed and cleared: this might present as pain or something functional in the body not working properly such as balance or digestion or hormones for example.

Kinesiology lets the body do the talking.  Clearing all stress related to an issue and making corrections to get the body working normally again can be all that’s needed to restore resilient lasting wellness.  Telephone consultations are free of charge and can help clarify if this Kinesiology is for you.

Latest Training and New Protocols in Female Health

In November 2022 I completed the latest Female Health international training course.  This featured new highly effective protocols and techniques for the following…

  • Prolapse of pelvic organs, musculature and tissues and the many physiological consequences including bladder weakness, urgency, urinary / faecal leakage (many more)
  • Hormone balancing at all life stages: cyclical, perimenopause and menopause and associated emotional and physiological issues that can arise with hormone imbalance: fertility, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, weight gain, poor sleep, altered bone density and more …
  • Vaginal and gut microbial balance and related functional and structural health

For more information get in touch for a no obligation phone consultation


Using kinesiology, I help a lot of different people with a variety of issues, pains, allergies and conditions. Below you’ll find the first hand experiences of a few clients I have helped to live healthier and happier lifestyles.


I first met Jan as she gave a presentation to explain Kinesiology, and how this can improve or resolve medical conditions. 

As with most people, I went down the NHS route with my medical condition – eczema. Initially we had success with steroid creams, but then my eczema came back, and didn’t go away for the next 10 years – which is when I started my work with Jan. In addition to the Kinesiology Jan introduced me to organic creams and balms to help the process – which are much kinder to the skin than steroid creams

Eczema is a chronic condition, and it becomes a part of your life. Until it’s gone, you don’t realise how this saps you of your energy. So as a result of the treatment I’ve had from Jan, not only am I eczema free, I am also a much calmer person with more energy

There’s more… it was at this time that I entered the world of the hot flush. At one consultation Jan asked how I was, and I mentioned how my hot flushes had disappeared – Jan’s response being “they are the easiest thing to control with Kinesiology

And that’s the great thing with Kinesiology – your body tells you what it needs help with.

Having sorted out my eczema, and beginning to understand Kinesiology a bit more, I realise that this is part of my health regime – much like taking care with food and nutrition and going to the gym. And so Jan and I are now working on a programme to maintain my health, bringing in her other talents as an aromatherapist and bone setter – to name but only two from her long list of qualifications.

I can’t thank Jan enough for an eczema free life and everything that comes with that.


I went to see Jan-Marie for help with life-long allergies that were worse than ever and dreadful tiredness. I could not go out to eat anymore and had to take my own food when we went to family meals because I was reacting to so many foods it was embarrassing and miserable. On top of all that I was exhausted, not sleeping well and starting to have hot sweats and stiff joints. Work was suffering and karate and swimming were just too much to manage any more, which was really the decider for me to get help.

A friend of mine had been to Jan-Marie and told me to try kinesiology, which I had never heard of. I went about every four weeks for a number of months. Each appointment things got better gradually, I was back at karate and a bit of swimming, feeling better than I had in quite a while. Finally after several sessions I stopped reacting to foods and having hot flushes and stiff fingers and hips. It is such a relief to be able to just go out or round to family and eat whatever I like without the stress of being ill. I feel like I did when I was younger, not stiff and exhausted and I’ve got my energy back. Kinesiology is amazing and definitely works, I wish I’d known about it years ago.

The Kinesiology testing Jan-Marie does also finds the best essential oils for me to have added to my face cream and bath bubbles so that I can get the best from my moisturiser and a good soak after sport or the end of the day. Some of my family have been for Kinesiology too for different problems and I always recommend it when someone is not well.


A friend of mine told me to try Kinesiology with Jan-Marie because it had worked for her mum. I had been trying to get pregnant for nearly two years and both me and my partner had had some tests done and there were no problems found. We didn’t really want to do any assisted conception options that were put to us but we did desperately want a baby of our own. We were both feeling low and stressed. I went to see Jan-Marie and had some kinesiology sessions, thinking that I’d got nothing to lose really. It was all quite easy and relaxing to do the muscle testing but I was shocked at what a big change happened over a few appointments. She fixed a lot of things in my body that were out of balance and advised me about food and relaxation techniques. I cooked easy healthy meals using nutritional advice from Jan-Marie, did the daily relaxation and took the supplements that were balancing my body and emotions, almost straight away I felt calmer and more in control again. A back problem I had pain from for years just disappeared.

Four and a half months after first seeing Jan-Marie I was pregnant with my son Josh. Throughout the pregnancy I had a few appointments for minor things and some lovely back massages towards the end. Josh was born healthy and right on time last August. Both my partner and I think we were able to conceive Josh because of the Kinesiology and the changes that we made from the advice given. We are forever thankful to Jan-Marie and I still see her for sessions and call for advice if I need to. I have recommended her to friends and family, and she has helped my brother recently with psoriasis that he’s had creams for from the Doctor for years, so he’s a kinesiology fan too.


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